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By: Patrycja

Hi, My name is Patrycja. I was 231,5 lbs. I watched your videos about the body shape and hormones responsible for putting on weight in different parts of it. I started to eat as you suggested for my body type. Surprisingly I didn't feel any hunger and I was not craving foods which I loved before. I have lost more than 33 lbs since last week of December. I am not exercising and eating a lot. I am not hungry and I am not tired. My skin looks better and I don't have saggy skin (I was using the coconut oil too). I'm planning to start Intermittent Fasting because I have still a lot to lose. Thank you for your help! First time in my life I could lose so much weight and I am still on a good way. Maybe it's not fast but people started to not recognize me! Thank you a lot and have a beautiful day!

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