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By: Mohamed Eltaleb Libi

Hi, My name is Mohamed and I’m 38 years old from Libya, North Africa. I was just eating a lot of junk food but was always keep doing a brisk walk 3 times a week. My weight was about 80-83kg, I was overweight. But then I stopped the brisk walk but kept eating all kinds of junk food, I gained a lot of weight till I reach 102kg while my tall was 168cm. Then I heard about the Ketogenic diet, I googled to find out more info about it. I decided to start as soon as possible, I started directly and cut the sugar and other junk food directly I was highly motivated as I was fed up with my weight. I never have keto flu and any effect of leaving sugar. I was addicted to sugar by the way. In 3 months I burned about 28kg. But in mid-way I suffered from a stomach attack after I checked on the internet it seems gallstones symptoms, I had an ultrasound and it been confirmed. I have one large gallstone size 2cm. I quit keto and started low carb diet and I started using organic ACV ( Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized) plus gallbladder formula of Dr. Berg for 3 months, since that I never have a gallbladder’s attack but sometimes I have slight pain in my right shoulder and neck which due to gallbladder. I have the 2nd ultrasound and the stone gets smaller about 1.5cm. Currently, I’m doing a vegan diet but I eat fish as well, I will back again to low carb sooner. Thanks, Dr. Berg for your much informative videos, I always keep watching although I am no longer on the ketogenic diet, but sometimes Dr. Berg having a video the day I was looking at the info on that topic, it looks like Dr Berg spying on me lol. I’m doing regular tests and all fine. Thanks a lot, keep the good work!

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