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The best for a healthy lifestyle.

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By: Lisa Duncan Duncan

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am also known as LisaLisaD1 on YouTube. I was having severe digestive issues, IBS, and weight gain and I believe that my issues were all related to the onset of early menopause. I saw my doctor multiple times and also a gastroenterologist, but they did not offer any real relief. I started researching my condition and that eventually lead me to the Keto Diet. I have learned so much from watching Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos and even at 50 years of age, I have had unbelievable results. I still have an intolerance to veggies, but I hope once my digestive system heals I will be able to slowly add them back into my diet. I have even convinced my husband (who has been a vegetarian for years) that the keto diet is the best for a healthy lifestyle. Thank You Dr. Berg, Lisa Duncan

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