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Sharron Walker Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Sharron Walker

Hi mine isn't a success story yet. I come from an organic farming background and am a chef. I think I know a little of health. In the past several months I've followed your suggestions. I've consumed a lot of coconut oil and almost aliminated carbs and sugar. But in the past month or two I've developed sudden memory loss episodes. I've had a very stressful life rearing 8 children and still have two grandchildren because mother was unable to care for them. I'm just 60. I've been able to do 10 things at once all my life but now am struggling. I've had various tests and waiting for the EEG. I'm wandering if there is a connection between the coconut oil and my sudden episodes? Truth be said I had a dreadful childhood with diet and have been sleep deprived for years so I'm a candidate for all sorts of ailments. Any thoughts. I appreciate you thoughts and respect your opinion.

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