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By: Irena Bee

Hi I've tried keto and intermittent fasting for years but until I watched those basic videos it didn't really click for me ,even though I've been watching your videos as well. I have some autoimmune conditions and turn to Quito as a way to clear the brain fog while studying. The bottom line is that in 2 months I've lost 22 pounds and I'm continuing I'm over 45 yo. My skin is clearer than it's ever been my period is now like a clock. I was just doing yoga and a bit of walking only. I'm getting in touch not because my journey is not over but because I lost nothing in the first month maybe 2 or 3 pounds and all the weight loss happened in the second month so your point about healthy keto and looking at indicators other than weight loss was really critical for me to keep going even though wasn't getting any results. I now do a 5 to approach where I'm keto for 5 and fast for two. I don't count macros I don't count calories and I'm able to eat with my family and have a great life. These photos are significant because while I could wear this dress a year ago I couldn't wear it without a very restrictive course at underneath and now I can just Zip It Up with no problem.

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