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Mrs. Saima Sarosh Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Mrs. Saima Sarosh

Hi I'm.very big fan of ur. I follow all ur updates n videos. All so so grt. Wish I could talk to u personally. Actually I ve so much to ask n so much to tell n so much to learn from u. Right now I'm 43 n it's been 19 years I'm married I ve three beautiful daughters Every tym I had gone through c. Section . From second pregnancy I suffered from varicose veins I gained weight n I lose with all my will power. But in third pregnancy my varicose. Veins got severe . I gained a lot of weight due to that right after delivery. Tried many diets many crash plans. It got a bit controlled but suddenly after two years veins got worse my weight getting more n more n my legs swelled more n more . Though I'm a very gud swimmer but....... My youngest one is now 9 years Two years back I heard of a nutritionist n I consulted him n the day I start under his instructions I was 106 kg N by just following his diet plans i Lost 26 kgs I m 5.7 in hight n came back at 78 kg Now I'm studying the course from uk on line of nutritionist under his guidance as I would also love to help others as he helped me It's been two years my weight some tym goes up like 80....82 I again control or follow some diet n reduce few kilos But now this process .... I feel like it's stuck I do exercise regularly don't eat heavy oily or junk but I feel like my body start reacting against any diet . I'm not loosing back N as I'm eating healthy n conscious why I'm gaining weight?????? N I starting loosing my hair so fast N now again I feel my legs heavy pain ful swelled as it was all gone for just two years There r so many whys?? In my mind which I off n on discuss with him or search or trying to find out in ur videos. Ur videos r so informative like I'm learning new things every day. Just again I wish I could talk to u U r grt inspiration n very clear in all ur points u expressed in ur videos God bless u Plz reply. Anxiously waiting Regards Mrs Saima sarosh

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