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By: Hilary

Hi, I'm actually working towards a success story...so nothing good to share, yet! ???? I'll be 51 in October and I've had issues, through the years, with weight and hormonal fluctuations. That, of course, has taken on power with the onset of menopause. 3ish years back, I put on weight and decided to try a low carb/high fat diet, which I was very successful with in my mind 30's. However, after one month I hadn't lost an ounce!? I had been feeling pressured by my oldest to quit meat and cheese, which were staples of the diet...so I gave all of it up and adopted veganism. I started by just eating fruit and vegetables and initially lost 12-18 lbs, but then added in the wrong things and plateaued at that weight, unable to budge it from there. Since then I've just gained and reached the same weight I was at, prior to my big loss in my 30's. I had so many misconceptions and knew that I was likely doing it all wrong, but I didn't know what else to do. Then I started watching your YouTube videos and what you were saying made so much sense. I'm now trying the keto diet, with locarb vegetables, coconut oil, unsweetened almond milk, acv/lemon and spices to add flavor, a tablespoon of protein powder and an egg. That's not daily, but that's what I choose from. I always took B12, but I've added stinging nettle and nutritional yeast, for my underactive thyroid. I'm considering adding an enzyme supplement and maybe wheat grass. It has only been 6 days, but I feel better already. I'm not weighing myself, because I get discouraged when it doesn't move and I want to stick to it. I'm will gauge success on how I feel and how things fit. I'd like to lose 80 lbs, again! I'm 5'10" and 253????. I attached a terrible picture, that saddens me, but I'm hopeful it will be my before, to which I'll add an incredible after!! Thank you for the kick start!! Hilary H p.s. I do not take meds of any kind, or use nsaids.

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