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By: Avais Chaudhri

Hi, I’m a 51 year old male living in London UK. I really wanted to share my success and more importantly how I achieved this through your videos. So...to cut a long story short... I visited the nursse for a 50+ age health checkup. She become worried after seeing my blood test reports. She said I had become a pre-diabetic as my glucose was 5.6 mmol and more importantly my Triglycerides were 1.9 and therefore I MUST continue taking my Satan’s 40mg. So that you know, I had been taking statins and Ompreazole for over 21 years and never missed a day! At 5’6 and weighing 72kg I didn’t think that I was doing too bad. I decided to action and try to understand firstly why my glucose and severe heartburn was happening. I stumbled onto Dr Berg’s video and was simply blown away when he mentioned that it wasn’t too much acid causing my heartburn but the complete opposite. If I did not take my daily Omeprazole I would be on the ground the next day in severe pain. With a lot of fear, I decided to dump the Ompreazole and substitute it with Betaine Hydrochloric Acid as suggested by Dr Berg. A few days went by with whilst experiencing some minor discomfort but it’s now been 3 months I haven’t needed to touch Ompreazole! Then come onto the statins, I was horrid]fried the at the side effects this and the Ompreazole can cause including diabetes! Again with some fear, I stopped taking my statins at the same time and substituted it with Red Yeast Rice capsules as suggested by Dr Berg. So along with the above, cutting out ALL carbs and grains I went back to the doctor after 8 weeks for another blood test. At this point I am now 58KG!! My glucose came out at 5.1 mmol and my triglycerides at 0.7!!!! Wonderful!!! So I had been on pills for 21 years that we’re doing me more harm than good and all it took was a couple of sessions of Dr Bergs wisdom.....Thank you sir.....thank you. I am now a big fan of yours and push your message to all my friends and family. It’s amazing how the pharmaceuticals and sugar companies are playing with our lives for profit.

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