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By: Yvonne Martz

Hi, I'm 44 and when I turned 40 I've developed Rosacea. I've tried so many creams and antibiotics to treat this condition without lasting results....I've always believed it had to do with my gut health as I suddenly also was bloated all the time with a lot of gas.I did a breath test and was diagnosed with SIBO - prior to that I also battled pneumonia and was taking a lot of antibiotics.My Dermatologist gave me isotretinoin to try and my skin became raw and it was just aweful.I was getting really low about my skin and apparence.Then I came across your video where you recommended to take Msm and grapefruit seed oil.after 2 weeks my skin became soft and all the small bumps started to disappear.I couldn't believe it !! It's a miracle and now I only use protopic once a week - hoping to stop fully.Thank you so much for your advice and recommendations - it gave me my confidence back

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