I lost 13 kgs within just 2 months. I am really enjoying it. I feel more focused and energetic.

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Hi, I am from Bangladesh. It's pretty amazing how I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I started watching your videos 2 months ago. I have always wanted to lose weight since 8th grade. But I was never successful. I have tried so many ways to lose weight. But I could not hold to any specific weight loss program or diet chart consistently, because it was painful to maintain. When I started watching your video I got diverted by your one single sentence, where you said at first we have to be healthy, then we will lose weight automatically. That's when I fell in love with your videos and guidance. I started following your instructions toe by toe. I finally I could see the result. I was 88 kg. I lost 5 kg in initial 7 days. 10 kg in one month. And now i am 75 kg. I lost 13 kgs within just 2 months. I am really enjoying. I feel more focused and energetic. I don’t know how to react. I wish i could meet you personally thanked you. I wish you a good and prosperous life ahead. Stay happy and keep doing the good job. ♥ you doctor.

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