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I can do this!


By: AL

Hi, I am currently 50 years old, doing keto and IF for close to 2 years. I started due to a nasty case of GERDS but also reaped other benefits, lost 12 kgs, allergies, and concentration improved. Question-When I was new to Keto, my energy levels were 'huge', now they have stabilized to more modest levels- back to normal, sometimes but not often I wake up in the morning and I experience 'energy euphoria levels' but... do you know of any way to keep those energy levels up consistently high? -Yes, I know about coconut oil, MTC, lots of kale and nutrients.... and have done them all as best I can, BUT did not experience significant 'euphoric energy levels', also I do not feel that they are the answer. Exercise helps a bit but not as much as I would like. -I don't want normal energy levels I want above normal levels, any suggestions? Best, AL

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