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Avdia Avrumutoae Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Avdia Avrumutoae

Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I've decided to change my liefestyle especially my eetpatron therefore I've tryed to cut all the sugar from my life! Every day I've made cruciferous smoothies parsely, spinach,, ghember, tumernic, etc. And after a few days I felt a bit dizy but I notied that I could stay without food a log time. Twoo times per day was enough for me and I didn't have cravings to chocolate of sweet! I couldn't believe myself and also without carbs!! Every day after I took Spirulina and Chorella(superfoods) I loosed around 200gr/day. Op dit moment I have 5 kg less and I feel very good! Now I follow a keto diet and also I want to start with intermitent fasting. I wish to everyone a lot of succes and a lot of patinece. I replace sugar with Xiliotiool of cinamon. Dr. Berg explained very god every issue about healthy lifestyle but I also want to know more about balans in out innerlife and if practising art can help. I paint a lot and when I'm doing this the time is flying and this give me a happy feeling.

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