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By: Helen

Hi dr. Berg, what can I tell you about myself, I am 75 years old, I was a carb eater all my Life ( like you,) coming from Yugoslavia and cooking like Germans do no need for explanations. I had problems with IBS ( mostly constipation) my life made me look up Dr. Hymen, dr. Osborne, and others and found you. Started with Keto for a year, ( in a mean time using many vitamins and minerals) using some of your products too. In a last 3 months, last 30 lb. ( maybe to much) doing intermiten feasting, 16 h. Eating 2 meals a day, my sugar is good, thyroid not bad, blood pressure good, but one thing That’s still there is the constipation. I have to take fibre every other day , like psyllium husk or seed , if not ,the I B S is back. Tried to eat more salad, for now I do eat 6,7 cups a day. But I am to full , Please Dr.Berg, what can I do to correct this problem. I sow your video about Gallbladder But I would like to see the one were you show how to press on it or massage it, could you send me the link please and thank you.

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