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Ginny Bowling Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Ginny Bowling

Hi Dr. Berg this is not a success story yet. I have soft gallstones that don’t show up on ultrasound. Still trying to get past the slow digestion and upset stomach. The upset stomach hasn’t been as bad I drink the apple cider vinegar more often. This gallstone situation is genetic. My sister had gallstones as well same kind but they never could see it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her so they did exploratory surgery and discovered that she had gallstones so they took her gallbladder out but in the meantime they discovered that she had a 2 liter pseudo cyst on her pancreas so they drain that off and attached it to her stomach and ever since then she hasn’t felt pain and then the doctor put her on thyroid and she gained 35 Pounds in two weeksso much. She started eating high-protein low-carb went back to the doctor he told her she was full-blown type two diabetes which she was trying to avoid her health just keeps getting worse . I told her about the keto diet . And told her to watch your videos because Dr. Berg could explain it better than myself she is supposed to call me today so I can talk to her more about it and see if she’s actually watched any of your videos . I’m concerned for her because of how much pain she’s in and because of the Doctor attaching the overflow to her stomach, she has a great deal of joint pain. A lot of my joint pain has gone I’ve been on the keto plan for six weeks now I am better and looking forward to hitting my goal. So I’m trying to keep it short and sweet I just wanted to know if you’ve ever heard of this or if You feel like she can benefit from the keto diet . I feel like if they would’ve found out about her gallbladder sooner she wouldn’t be going through all this . Well thank you I hope you can find an answer to help her out someway

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