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Tomasz GorzkowiczShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Tomasz Gorzkowicz

Hi Dr. Berg, On February 15th 2019 I had a heart attack. After leaving the hospital I started my reasearch looking for the right answers. Unfortunately a lot of Dr.s outhere are connected to pharma or trying to sell you something. Not an easy task. I came across your video, and started watching more and more, and you are making total sense. My story is that I changed my diet, and lost 30 pounds. Never took the statins prescribed by my cardiologist. After watching your videos, I stopped the sugar, carbs and see the results AMAZING. The problem is that no dr. that I see will guide me where I want to be unless I do something myself. You did open my eyes. Thanks, Tomasz Gorzkowicz.

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