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By: Lori Bigelow

Hi Dr. Berg, My success story began February 2nd 2017. I had just completed 4 yrs of undergrad program in Dec 2016, and because of the stress of being a full time employee, parent, wife and student, my body and health took a back seat and grew. I am turning 51 in a couple of months, I am post menopausal for about 10 yrs now, and I was a miserable mess. So, after my classes ended in Dec 2016, I began researching nutrition and healthy lifestyles. I never really had a weight problem in the past, until Menopause and the late 40 age bracket. So, I found a lot of info on the Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Westman, Gary Taubes, Dr. Volek, Dr. Phinney and Dr. D'Agostino. After researching the material and getting my head wrapped around this way of eating I soon found you and your youtube videos and webinars. I have been keto since Feb. 2nd 2017. Prior to starting the diet I had gained up to 182 lbs. I am 5'3' and had very poor health. Very high blood pressure, arthritis, joint and muscle pain that never went away. My overall strength, stamina, and endurance was fading fast and I was becoming hopeless and giving up to old age and genetics. With your help along with all the other info I had learned, I once again had hope. I also quit going to my traditional doctor, who was new and not open to nutritional health, just the treatment of symptoms. I always had a desire to find the cause and start there. Well that's just what I did, and I found a new medical doctor who is also a Naturopath! Score! I have been on a mission since. Once I saw my new doc, he ordered a complete metabolic work up . My hormones, thyroid, A1c, Fat Storing Hormone was borderline diabetic, and overall health was in the pooper! He said he wished he could have done the blood work prior to me being Keto, because he could only imagine how bad some of my numbers must have been prior to keto. None the less, he has me on several supplements and a couple of homeopathic treatments to get my hormones and thyroid back in check, and he has also put me back on a low dose of BP meds for several weeks and will recheck that later and make adjustments when we can. Overall, I am happy to report I no longer have pain and inflamation in my joints, sleep has improved, I no longer have mid day crashes, I no longer get hangry, I have very improved energy, mental cognition, and focus. I can now log 30,ooo steps in a week on my Fitbit with no problem!! I'm still not really exercising except for walking. My doctor says to not worry about that yet and we are shooting for mid July to make more changes and hopefully add in interval exercises! I have lost 27 lbs since February and feel the best I have in decades! I have watched almost all of your videos and many webinars! You are an amazing educator and doctor! Thank you sooooo much for all you do!! P.S. I am originally from Virginia and visit Va. often as my oldest daughter and her family are located in Gloucester Co. I now live in Maine (23 yrs) and we don't have many resources here for the ketogenic lifestyle. I am hoping to change that in the near future!!

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