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By: Martins Muiznieks

Hi Dr. Berg! My name is Martin, I have been watching your youtube videos for several past months and purchased your book about body types and took the quiz. Unfortunately I do not have before/after pictures to share, but I'll try to describe the change in this letter. I started to do keto somewhere in March 2019 after accidentally coming across one of your keto related videos on youtube. Only after watching some of your videos I realised that my belly fat is not a sign of age (I am 38 now), but a problem with a liver. So I decided to do something about it and started doing keto. I am 1,85m tall (which I guess is 6 feet something in US measures) and I was 85kg. Overall looked ok with an exception of obvious belly. Up to my 25 I was really skinny whole my life. At 20 I guess I weighted only some 62/63 kg which is basically ladies wight for a 1.85m tall guy. I was diagnosed celiac at some 22 years of age, so at that point it made sense why I am so skinny and have no energy. But quiting gluten didnt really change anything. I managed to gain weight from 63 to 70 after regular workouts at the gym in 2 years period, but I quit it and weight gain obviously stopped. But when I hit 30 years of age I suddenly started gaining weight again without obvious reason, but this time it was fat. So I reach almost 85kg. Now after 4-5 months on keto I have lost some 12-13kg and are down to 72kg and start to look seriously skinny again. At the same time I feel great. My energy is up, I sleep much better, less brainfog, etc. But at the same time my bloodtest which I took a week ago freaks out my family and they all beg me to stop this keto lifestyle. My total cholesterol is almost 50% above the norm (8.34 vs 5 - probably european measurement units) LDL is 2 times higher than norm (5.78 vs 3) and lots of triglycerides which seems strange since I avoid sugar like a poison. Maybe I am not perfect on keto, but trying to be close to that, so having triglycerides high seems weird. So overall this just confuses me and I can imagine also others on keto who follows your advises on youtube. You feel great, but your blood test says that all is bad and your family is freaking out. And you get worried as a result as well. And one more side note. Your videos promote keto and concentrates on losing weight. I have to say that I would like to get some weight back (except maybe belly where it has not fully gone and could still be less) because I look too skinny and weight still keeps slowly decreasing. So I believe there is a part of your auditory who would be interested to see more videos on how to live a keto lifestyle, but maintain or gain some weight while consuming healthy food and managing cholesterol to reasonable levels. Otherwise its all about loosing weight.

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