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By: Amine assal

Hi Dr.Berg my name is Amine i'm 19 .from Morocco. I've been a little bit fat during my childhood ( belly fat and pseudogynecomastia ) . I tried different diets..... but they didn't work for me I was emotionally instable.... Embarrassment when taking my shirt.. But When I discovered intermittent fasting my life changed . + -I was able to became shredded in one month -my gains at the gym were absurd . Within 6 months of training I become stronger than my friend Adam who's older than me 21 and he has been constantly training for one and half year - +I noticed that I became Mentally and physically strong . more alert ... -+ I began doing great at school now I'm studying civil engineering . the thing I wanted to study since I was a kid -+ when I was 17 years old I was addicted to cannabis and alcohol . I was smoking an absurd amount of hash . and when I decided that this is not the life I want I quit drugs So I experienced a depression feeling down ..... So I went to a Dr and he described a bunch of medications but I took none of them instead I did a lot of researchs and come up with my own treatment . I started doing - meditation -breathing -training in nature -swimming at the Beach sunday at 6 at the morning and it's freezing cold -alot of cold showers -and intermittent fasting - eating rich food in b12 such as almond ..... . I never took a pile or get sick after this treatment . Dr.berg you should do a video about cold showers or the wim hoof method .

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