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love your very instructive videos


By: Allan H White

Hi Dr. Berg, love your very instructive videos. I have struggled with weight all my life, with fatty deposits in all the wrong places for a man, ie. chest, hips, abdomen. Since changing my approach to nutrition, I seem to be losing those fatty areas that cause me so much embarrassment. I started a not so strict keto diet with IF at approx 12+ hours fasting. I added an array of amino acids to include essential AA and BCAAs. Also, I added liquid minerals with trace minerals and liquid vitamin complex. I see a definite difference in body fat composition/distribution. I perform resistance training daily without aerobics. I have come a long way from 225 pounds at 5' 8" to 138. But my change in nutrition in the last year has resulted in a 9 pound loss with increased distribution of body fat in the right places.

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