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By: André Stubbe

Hi dr Berg Im from the Netherlands so please be kind if my English is not very well. Im 57 jears of age and was going to be to fat for my build. I was at age of 20 about 67 kg and a year ago i was 95kg! I read about i.f and tried it together with my wife for 6monds ago I losed 10kg the first 15 weeks but no more so im stuck now for months. We do i.f 3 days a week, monday, wednesday, friday. As example, i go to bed thursday at 23.30 and my first small food is at 12.15 friday and its a few raw orange carrots and a few tomato's and coffee black. Then at 18.00 at home we eate some smoked chicken or salmon with a bouillon based soup, and then to bed at 23.30 so we dont use much calories, The big question is, wat stopped my lose in weight, im really a skinny guy when joung so it must not be a problem to go at 75 or 80 kg but in stucked at 85kg, Please your advice Keep up the good videos and good work! André

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