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Aashisha Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Aashisha

Hi Dr Berg! I’m Priyadarshi here. I’m 5’2 and 42 years old. I love to exercise and doing it from past fourteen years and have a good life style.My weight is totally fine (according to my height) but I wanted to be leaned and recently trying keto diet.I’m a vegetarian and I only have eggs but no beef,chicken or any other source of non vegetarian.I’m on intermittent fasting with keto diet from past one month and three weeks.I’ve reduced 1.3 kg during this period.Actually i’d reduced total 1.8 kg but again I gained back some.I love to do HIIT but at present I’m doing power yoga and doing HIIT for at least three days.I don’t see much changes in me after I started doing IF and keto.I’m sharing my eating schedule with you. I get up at 5:00am .First I take one cup of warm water with one lemon followed with one cup of plain black coffee. My lunch time is usually between 1:30 to 2pm followed by Huge bowl of cooked mixed vegetables ( Mushrooms,Spinach,Green Beans,Carrot,Capsicum etc in coconut oil ,one spoon of sesame seeds,and Flax seeds.I take some cucumber too.I go for four eggs or 100 gms Indian Paneer for my protein intake.I take 1200 to 1300 total calories for the day,so lunch is mostly between 700 to 800 calories.I take 10 Almonds,Five walnuts,five Cashews, with two tablespoons of basil seeds with half scoop of 100%whey Isolated from Gold standard. For dinner again it’s egg or. paneer with lots of vegetables,Pumpkin seeds and some nuts.Being vegan in keto is little difficult that I know somehow.I use Green olives, coconut oil,coconut Cream.Full cream from milk,plain yogurt from whole milk etc to get the right amount of fats. I take Apple cider vinegar-one or two times,Calcium,magnesium and zinc supplements,also i’ve started taking wheatgrass organic powder once everyday.I take two capsules of cod liver oils everday since I don’t eat Fish.Sometimes I use Almond flour also to make something different. I don’t want to go for Skype interview because of some personal reasons,just wanted to know that how I should get the lean look and lean legs since I ‘m trying to do everything to get that.I’m going with the ratio of 70% fat,7% carbs and 25% protein in each meal but I don’t count the carbs in vegetables.I see lot of videos where you talk about nutrition and health.

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