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By: Jeremy Crawford

Hi Dr. Berg, I'm a huge fan and have been watching all your videos since I changed my lifestyle. I've always been a big guy and have been playing rugby since I was 14. I played at a fairly high level (provincial, Canada Games, University, Sr 1st Division) so my size and strength always worked to my benefit. I continued playing through various injuries until I suffered a broken leg when I was 37. That was the end of rugby for me. I've been active and trained for strength while I was playing but after rugby stopped I began putting on weight quickly. I stopped working out but continued eating the way I always had. The last couple of years I was steady around 295 - 310 lbs. I tried the usual stuff like caloric restriction, low fat, even Weight Watchers. One day last summer, my wife mentioned that one of her colleagues had had some success with keto and had amazingly lost 10lbs in a month. At the time, it sounded amazing. I love to research topics so I dove headfirst into keto. I've wathched just about every video and read several books on the topic. This has allowed me to tweek and dial-in my macros to perfection. I test my blood every day to keep an eye on any irregularities and I also follow an IF protocol that I learned from you. I'm happy to say that I have gone from a starting weight of 305lbs in August to 215lbs. This has completely changed my life and I don't see myself ever going back. I have several physicians and a Registered Dietitian in my family so I have had some very interesting interactions with them since I started this lifestyle. A huge thanks to you for all that you've done to promote this lifestyle. You're doing amazing work. Jeremy

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