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By: Aissata

Hi Dr Berg, I have started ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for 6 weeks. My weight was 74 kg I’m now 64kg . It wasn’t easy at first but I was determined to do it ... I love fasting and I’m used to it as a Muslim. Watching your videos gives me courage and more understanding about ketogenic diet . I could not believe that ketogenic diet could get rid of constipation. I have always been constipated and always used to take tabou or herbal tea to help me , guess what I don’t need them anymore and the good news is I do go to the loo everyday now like a normal person ???? I do sleep well I don’t have any cravings Don’t get too tired as I used to . I eat big ball of salad as you requested and small portions bof meat I do 2 meals a day , I eat at 11 am . Chia seeds with organic coconut milk , xylitol , baobab powder and pecan or eggs with turkey rashes My meal would be salad with avocado and spring onion and fish . I just feel good and more happier since I have started the keto .

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