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By: Bridget Mixon

Hi Dr Berg I have been following you since December 2017 my sister introduced me to you she had been doing Keto and lost a significant amount of weight. After I was in a car accident in November of 2017 to which I sustained a concussion, I binged ate everything and gained 20 lbs in two weeks (can you say emotional eating ????) That’s when I decided no more and started following your version of healthy ketosis. I was diagnosed a year ago with Hoshimotos so I was really needing a lifestyle change, I weighed 312 lbs in December today I weighed myself and I’m 210 lbs only 11 lbs away from being under 200! This is a huge milestone for me when I was an adolescent I was put on heavy antidepressants which made me gain weight I went from 130 lbs at 13 to my heaviest was 428 lbs at 16, after I went off all medications I lost a lot of weight but would never get below 225, then I would gain. After getting married, I sustained an injury at work I gained a lot of weight in February of 2017 I was at my heaviest 355 lbs! I was doing everything I could to lose weight, but after the car accident and concussion in Nov ‘17, I knew I needed a drastic lifestyle change. That’s when my sister introduced me to you, I did research on how Keto helps the brain and that was a huge selling point! So in total I have lost 102 lbs in just 8 months of following your version of Keto, I do IF and only eat one meal a day usually at dinner my window is 23:1. I just started working out 3 days a week strengthening my muscle and I do HIIT for cardio for 10 minutes. I have about 80 more lbs I want to lose but most importantly my health and energy levels are through the roof! I’ve never had so much energy since I was a kid playing baseball! Thank you so much, Dr Berg you’ve not only helped me change my lifestyle but you’ve inspired me to help others by becoming a health coach! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

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