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Shamik Dalwadi Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Shamik Dalwadi

Hi Dr Berg, I have been following since 18/10/2017 and have seen every videos for Keto and Intermittent fasting till date19/12/2017 and have become your huge fan of yours. Your videos are short but full of informations. I have started weight loss programe when I was 88.9 kg = 195 lbs now I'm 76kg=167lbs. I still want to lose more weight until I reach to 65kg or no belly left from my waist line. I'm been taking yours wheat grass juice powder, nutritional yeast and electrolyte powder and doing keto religiously. I'm doing 1 meal per day. I can't wait to upload my before and after keto photo to show you and do a skype session with you and thank you in person, share my success story. I have kept all records of weight per week and photos of myself. You still want to upload before/after photo but I want wait bit more before I show to world. My height is 169cm so what should be ideal weight. You are doing a huge favour to humanity and mankind. Please keep doing what you been doing.

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