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By: Katherine Dalmacio

Hi Dr. Berg! I am Katherine Dalmacio or simply Katie. I'm from the Philippines, a tropical country in the Southeast Asia. I started Keto 3 months ago and I felt better than ever. My sugar level is now within a normal range and I don't take high blood meds anymore, not to mention I lost 46lbs already. You have been my inspiration and mentor since day 1 and I would like to thank you for helping me understand this lifestyle. Professionally, I am an events director. I own and manage Big K Events and Production. In lieu to this, I am thinking of mounting the first ever KETO CONFERENCE here in the Philippines next year. I would like to inquire on how we can possibly get you as the main speaker for the said Keto Con. You may contact me at my email address, [email protected] or through my mobile # +639279824167. You may also check our FB page https://www.facebook.com/bigkevents/. Thank you in advance.

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