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By: Steven Heng

Hi Dr Berg I am a type 2 Diabetic and I am on Diabetmin 850mg 1 tablet twice a day.. I am checking my sugar level 2 -3 times a day mostly fasting (10hrs) and 2 other times after meals... my meter reads n recorded below or above once I indicate its fasting/pre meal or post meal but from your video, you mentioned the readings but it's very low compared to what my meter reads .. I am from Singapore and I am using Accu Chek Guide meter, for fasting and post meal, the acceptable range is below 126dl/ 7mmol/L and post meal is 180/ 10mmol/L....... can you advise please as I even called up the Accu Chek call centre to confirm if the meter reading acceptable range is accurate. Thanks!

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