I notice my skin is clearer and no longer a slave to snacking.


By: derek

Hi Dr. Berg. I am a 42-year-old male from Ireland and I would be very active. I was having very bad bloating problems and felt tired all the time, so I did a food allergy test, which was inconclusive. So I got on YouTube and found some good advice from the Hodge twins. I do a 24 hour fast 6 pm to 6 pm once per week, the 16-8 diet every other day for the last 10 months. Also, I do circuit training 3 times a week and lift very heavy one day per week, now I did find it took about 3 weeks to get rid of the sugar cravings, and felt a bit moody. I did notice my energy levels were through the roof when I trained fasted. I personally think this is due to the fact my body is not using up energy digesting food the whole time? Also, I notice my skin is clearer and no longer a slave to snacking. I did notice my weight of 85 kg stayed the same, kind of like I burnt the fat and gained the muscle (my wife is very happy). I have noticed so much more benefits of eating this way. I enjoy my food more, my thinking is much clearer, and fasted training works better for me. Thanks, I hope this helps.

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