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By: Michael Jaron

Hi Dr. Berg - I am 79 years old, live in  Nahariya, Israel and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. I take Exforge (5/80 gm per day) for hbp and until 2 months ago (mid-May) Metformen (80 gm per day).   I cut out the Metformen.   June 1 I began a low carb diet (less than 50 gm per day) combined with IF 4 days a week (16-20  hours). I take baking soda for sodium, cream of tartar for potassium and Mg pill. I regularly jog and excercise. Data  starting from 2002 show: Pre-diabetic glucose transitioning to diabetes in 2012.   High triglycerides, often greater than 150. HDL hovering at 40. In 2+ months time, my daily fasting glucose dropped from about 145 to consistantly below 120,, averaging 108 and a few times 100 or less. Triglycerides registered at 92 (lowest ever ) and HDL at 58 (highest ever). I also lost 6 kilos of weight. I am fortunate to have a family physician who hands down is the best in Nahariya. But even she was not familiar with this regimen. However since the facts are indisputable she has been very supportive, ordering additional tests, including Fat Storing Hormone, C-peptide and a Us of the pancreas. It would appear that I am now pre-diabetic and on my way to a complete reversal. Your videos have been very helpful.  Thanks All the best, Mick Mick J.

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