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By: Eli

Hi Dr. Berg, Here's my story. ******** My name's Eli (pronounced like Ellie). This past October, I ballooned up to 157 LB.  I'm a 5'6" 42 year old guy, and my optimal weight range is between is between 114 and 154.  So according to this, I was technically overweight.   Before that, I was hovering around 153.   Needless to say, I was very upset about this, and I wanted to do something about it.  I decided to do some research some ways to become healthier and to lose weight, and the one that I decided upon was the Keto lifestyle.   Here are my reasons that I chose Keto: 1) It increases my energy levels by a lot. 2) It stabilizes my mood. 3) It stabilizes my blood sugar (I have 3 Diabetics in my family, so this was very important to me). 4) When combined with Intermittent fasting, it produces Autophagy (recycling of the old and damaged cell parts to make way for new stuff).  Basically, anti-aging. 5) It decreases inflammation in the body. 6) It decreases Fat Storing Hormone levels in the body. 7) It suppresses hunger.   There are so many more, but these are my main reasons. The first 3 weeks I lost 16 LBS(mainly water weight)..but today, which is a hare over 6 months (my 6 month Ketoversary was on April 23), I currently weight 125.6.  I lost a total of 27.4 LB and I lost 4 inches around my waist (I went from 34 down to 30, although for some reason, in a jeans I'm a 31x30 and dress pants I'm a 30x30). and I lost around 4% of Body fat (from 24.7 to 20.3). Right now, I'm I maintenance mode and couldn't be happier. My energy is off the charts and I feel amazing. Sometimes I struggle a bit with the amount of Fat I include in my diet and I'll lose a pound or two, but I'm always learning. It was actually your videos that were one of the driving forces for me, because I follow your program ( I also read your wonderful book). Anyways, that's my story. Thanks for allowing me to submit it to you :).

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