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Reto Scheiwiller Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Reto Scheiwiller

Hi Dr. Berg, here is my success story using your advise doing keto with intermittent fasting. Also various other information found in your videos helped me a lot. I didn't do it for weight loss, but to improve my health as I had a really bad condition on it. Before: * I was eating for over 15 years mainly carbohydrates, 8 years of which I was vegetarian, eating low protein. * I was eating all the time, as I always felt hungry. * About the last 10 years I was drinking an average of 4-5 liters, because I was always thirsty. * I had issues with right neck pain on a regular basis. * I had issues with tensions troughout my whole body. All several months I got like a cave-in where the tensions got so worse that I had to puke or I nearly passed out because of it. * I had issues with my digestion. I had to visit the bathroom a lot throughout the day. * I thought I was eating healthy as I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables (a lot of these nasty potatoes, beans, but as well a lot of healthy stuff) * After main meals I could get really tired, and my body demanded for sugar * I'm an adrenal type, except for the tiredness after eating, I often felt really awake and aware as I was high on cortisol. * Because I was always so high on cortisol, I had a lot of problems with sleeping, what made the situation even worse. * It was easy for me to get aggravated. * I did some workout here and there throughout all the years, but I wasn't really able to built up muscles or increase my strenght and hold this up for a longer time. * In the last 2 years before keto, my muscles shrunk and my tendons started to hurt when I had to carry heavier bags. At the same time, I gained around 8 Kilos of weight in fat. After doing Keto, IF and using your Adrenal Kit, as well doing progressive calisthenics exercises: * I'm eating much healthier, have my share of proteins/fats and removed a most of carbohydrates from my meals. * I don't feel hungry all the time. I actually never really felt hungry in the morning, I just used to eat in the morning as many people say it's "important". * My liquid consumption decreased from 4-5 liters down to 1-2 liters. I removed all the liquids containing sugar. Also I realized that when I eat meals with more carbohydrates, that this urge for drinking more liquids comes back. * The right shoulder pain is gone. * I didn't had a cave-in because of muscle tensions for a very long time. * I don't have issues with my digestion anymore. I have to use the bathroom only about 30% than I had to do before. * I don't get tired after meals anymore. * I can concentrate much better. * I realized that I was mentally causing for a very long time that my body pushed more cortisol in the system. After realizing this I got more calm. * Sleeping got better. * I don't get aggravated so fast anymore. * Even when I wasn't looking fat with 171cm tall and my 68 kilos, I lost the additional 8 kilos I gained the last 2 years before keto in about 4 weeks. * I was able to build up muscle mass and strength, what I really had trouble with the last 10 years. As I was always on cortisol, what I built up was most probably decomposed by the cortisol to provide energy for the body, most probably as well for compensating for the bad sleep. * I now feel about 3 times stronger and I do good progress training with calisthenics(now there is even a six pack). I can really recommend the book from Paul Wade "Convict Conditioning" on this topic. Very powerful technology that builds up the body with progressive exercises on a gradient scale that can be done by anyone. Thank you very much for making your knowledge available to me and the rest of the world. Together we can make earth into a better place. With ARC Reto Scheiwiller from Switzerland

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