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By: Jeff Hoang

Hi Dr. Berg, First off I'd to thank you for all that you do. Helping and educating people that want to better themselves in every way possible. I watch your videos everyday and I learn something new everyday. I share your videos to family and friends and they get blown away. I am humbly thankful and wish you were my actual family doctor. God bless you! Me and my success story and continuation goal. 29 years old - 6'1" June 1st 2016 - 255lb - 30%-40% BF May 1st 2017 - 200lb - 9%-11% BF I am looking to enter a bodybuilding competition June 10 2017. I am all natural with no synthetic use of steroids. All ketogenic and everyday training. From June 2016 to September 2016 I cleaned up my diet by not eating junk foods nor over eating and drink alcohol. I hear about the Ketogenic diet in July 2016 and started to study it. Upon indepth research I decided to give it a go in September and I have been keto ever since. My training and dieting has been all on my own with the guide of your videos and another great resource's such as (Primal Egde Health). I work in a supplement store where we sell supplements to support general health, bodybuilders and athletes. I understand the potential risk of bodybuilding competitions and how it can stress the body. But I want to inspire people and help them to prove that it is possible to best yourself when you commit yourself, not just for bodybuilding but for general health. Thank you again Dr. Berg

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