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By: Tonumoy Mustafiz

Hi Dr. Berg, First I would like to thank you for your amazing videos. Those videos helped me a lot during my weight loss process(which is still going on). I am Tonumoy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am 23 and 6'7". I had done several MRIs, CAT scans and X-RAYS if something was wrong with my pituitary gland. But everything seemed to be normal. I've started watching your videos from last year. I was 134 kgs back then. From my childhood, I was a big chubby kid. So, I had no problem to deal with bullying. That's why I didn't care about my obesity. But when I took admission in engineering school, I started facing some problems, mainly physical problems like running and stuffs like that. Then I met a beautiful girl for whom I am at this stage. She mentally supported me a lot. And there was you and your videos to guide me through the right path. After applying and following your diet plan, I am currently at 98-99 kgs. I have lost about 35-36 kgs in only 7 months. I'm in my final years of the engineering school. So I have a plan to loose about 18 kgs more so that I can apply for the army & serve my country. My father is a doctor too. He at first didn't like my diet plan. Then gradually he got used to my stubbornness and helped me improving the diet plan. I didn't do any exercise or anything like that. I just did stick to the plan. Still there were some days, I binged like hell. All of them who are following Dr. Berg, I would like to tell you one thing. Often bad day comes when you break your diet plan. But it's okay. This happens to everyone. One bad day doesn't mean you are out of your weight loss journey. Be strong and there is Dr. Berg always there for you to help. Keep me in your prayers so that I can loose my 18 kgs in next 6 months. Hope you guys do well in your personal weight loss journey. And thank you Dr. Berg again for videos and support. Goodbye. Sincerely, Tonumoy Mustafiz

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