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By: Will Monteau

Hi Dr Berg! Awesome videos, keep it up. I'm a 15 year old, 186cm male from Melbourne. My story is that when I was 14 years old I suffered a stress fracture in my lower back due to my bowling action (cricket) that put a lot of strain on my back. 6 months later after I recovered I fractured the sacroiliac joint. From this I suffered a huge weight gain and suffered from anxiety and depression. Every time someone accidentally touched or knocked my backside I would have a panic attack and would start crying. Towards Christmas when it was starting to heal a bit better, I decided to do something about my weight because I wasn't happy and felt uncomfortable and embarrassed in my own body. I didn't know anything about nutrition and because I wanted to lose the weight fast and was still struggling with my depression I basically starved myself, and I would go for days without eating because every time I ate something I would feel bad about myself. I lost a lot of fat. My heaviest if recoreded myself on the scales was 98kg, but that wasn't even when I was at my heaviest, because I would avoid weighing myself because I would get sad. So I would have been more than 100kg. My mum was worried about me because she knew I was starving myself, and every once in a while when I did eat I wouldn't eat anything with sugar or salt in it, and I would always rinse it under water because I was scared of eating something unhealthy. So my mum took me to the dietitian, and the lady said I showed signs or orthorexia. Anyway after all of that I dropped down to 67kg, but now I weigh 72kg and I go to the gym at least 4 days a week and am eating really good nutrient dense foods and have all over improved on my fitness and confidence. Thanks

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