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By: Terri

Hi Dr. Berg! 3 months ago, my husband (Renaldo) and I decided to do a ketogenic lifestyle. At first, we agreed to keep it dirty, but after much research and your video's we decided to switch to strict. My 10 yr older and my 4 yr older is also keto. I just want to say thank you, so much for uploading all your videos, and knowledge. Keto has changed our lives! As a family we have lost a total of 104lbs! I am down 50lb, my hubby is down 42, and my 10 yr old son is down 12lbs. My baby girl doesn't need to lose weight so I add fruit's in her diet. But we absolutely adore you and your wife. You guys have also equipped me to care for my father, who has liver cancer, so he is now on the ketogenic diet he was on high blood pressure meds, but now he's off. He's been on the keto diet for a little over 2 wks, and is doing great. I am taking all of your advice on cancer to care for him. Thank you, Dr. Berg, please never stop being honest, and trustworthy with your knowledge. You are helping others change their lives! Ps: We love your (products) electrolyte powder Cortisol, Adrenal to be exact!

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