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By: Dr Mohammad Moazzam

Hi Doctor Berg, I was intrigued with your video and how intermittent fasting can reduce weight, especially how it links to the secretion of Fat Storing Hormone and the different levels of fasting needed to get the best result. Being a muslim, all this is not new. Infact muslims have been doing this for over 1400 years, every year in the month of Ramadan, as prescribed by our prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) . In fact he also prescribed and fasted on Mondays and Thursdays, every week and not just one whole month in the year. As well as the decrease in the reduction of Fat Storing Hormone, fasting also provides much needed rest to the digestive system and major organs or the body. Indeed one of the main spiritual rewards of fasting is that one learns to abstain and control their desires from learning to refrain from eating food. To do justice, please mention my faith (islam) and how the practice of fasting in Islam has for centuries promoted intermittent fasting. kind regards, Dr Mohammad Moazzam

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