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By: Bedriye Kebanli

Hi Dear Team, I started ketogenic life style at the age of 63, when I felt like it was the end of my lifetime and going to a cardiologist, who adviced me the ketogenic life style as she realised that I had already been diabetic after years of having Fat Storing Hormone resistance. I cannot explain the type of sleep desire after eating like taking you a death sleep. AFter keto, in 8 months I came down to 59Kg from 77Kg. the size of my clothing came down to size 8 to 10 from 14 to 16 UK size.It has been 17 months already now and I am still at these levels and in the meantime found your channel and getting more conscious as I watch Dr.Berg's videos on u tube. They are extremely helpful and lifesaving. During the weight loss process, I lost hair and had a lot of leg cramps, where your videos helped me tremendously, vitamin K2, potassium, magnesium etc. Also during this time I had some slight thyroid problem and also a small kidney stone, where I started drinking water with apple cider vinegar and stopped calcium consumption. Previously people were telling me that at this age, my metabolism is slow and I cannot loose any weight, which were all myths. Also I was taking a lot of calcium to avoid bone loss, thinking that I will not be like my mother whose bones were breaking. But listening to DR.Berg, I realized that major part of my high blood pressure was coming from high calcium intake. Currently I am doing a lot of intermittent fasting and most of the time I am having only one main meal a day, I am consuming a lot of nuts if I feel very hungary; I stopped eating carbs, all sugar related food, most of the fruits and grains and also alcohol. All this made my brain work better. I must also mention that I am still a working woman very actively in the financial industry, very hard working and last year I was assigned a tough job in London moving there from Istanbul. In spite of all this stressful work situation, I was able to loose all that weight. You can understand my body was looking for a solution to heal. To keep short, as I know that I had fatty liver before starting all this and I feel like my gallbladder is still not functioning properly; my question would be when to use your gallbladder formula as I recently bought it. Thank you all. Regards Bedriye

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