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andrew owen Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: andrew owen

Hey Dr Berg. Love the channel, but I have a question. Can intermittent fasting effect your immune system negatively? The reason I ask is that since 2014 I have been eating really healthily, paying attention to my macro nutrients and vits & mins. Since doing that I have not had any illnesses; no colds or chest infections at all and have never felt better whilst everyone around me suffers. However, since discovering intermittent and putting it to the test over several weeks (with success in terms of weight loss) I have seen the return of virals and infections. My body seems more efficient at getting rid of them but still, I can't help thinking that the fasting is somehow suppressing my immune system. Any advice? I am a 43 yr old athletic male. Fasting-wise I have been skipping breakfast and fasting 16-18hrs. Thank you in advance.

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