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Gus Hahn Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Gus Hahn

Hey Dr Berg. I just watched your video with Miroslaw and figured i'd write in my story too. I'm 24yo from Melbourne Australia, been watching your videos for about 18 months now. I was on my weight loss journey since around November when I was very sick and unhealthy. I was lacking vitamins and nutrients, eating poor food like pizza deliveries 4x a week and consuming excessive alcohol. I found the one photo I had as my before image which i took when I took a hard long look in the mirror and decided the choices I was making were going to have severe repercussions despite my youth. I was already extremely weak and my body was almost unresponsive in terms of my nervous system. By that I mean I believed I had pretty much depleted or even depressed my adrenals with the alcohol and poor diet that I always lacked any sort of energy and I felt like I was basically dependent on my bad habits. To keep this email relatively short once I made the change mentally that I was going to get back on track I made changes to my diet and cut alcohol out completely. Since re watching some of your videos ive come to the conclusion that I am the adrenal body type and I have discovered various areas where I feel I am deficient with the knowledge you have provided me. I am now ultimately only eating once a day in a 2-4 hours window. I have cut sugar out of my diet completely. I have began supplementing with Nascent Iodine very recently which has given me a tremendous energy shot straight after consumption. I want to note that at times it feels like my Thyroid is almost enlarged from the iodine like something is stuck in my throat. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this but I don't particularly feel any side effects. It was thanks to your videos and independent research that I decided to add iodine to my lifestyle. In the after photo I've attached im roughly 3kg lighter than I was in my before photo but I am now deadlifting 200kg as opposed to not being able to do a single pull up in the before photo (I have photo proof of the deadlift). Also thanks to your advice I have added Potassium Citrate into my diet and limited my ascorbic acid intake. I have made tremendous strength gains and lost fat and rebuilt that weight with muscle. I'm 113kg to date and 6foot5 and I am looking to continue to keep and even build more muscle whilst steadily burning fat. To re hash I only eat one meal a day until my stomach is full. I mainly eat Meats and eggs and also fish and try where I can to look at all packaging to avoid Soy, again thanks to your information. For now it seems like this is working as i am NOT losing muscle even at my size and weight and maybe even only consuming 1800-2500 calories. There is definitely alot more I can say in just how much my life has changed in the last 8-9 months but Ill leave it there for now. Big fan and Follower from Australia. Kind regards, Gus.

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