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By: Edward Kerner

Hey Doc... Well I'm 45. I returned home from my last deployment in 2010 and I retired from the US Fish and Wild Service and the Army in 2012 due to several service connected disabilities incurred while in military service. I was in great shape most of my 20's and 30' because I served in 3 wars for 10 years continually deploying overseas. I spent 7 years in Iraq alone. I was a very highly trained as an MP and criminal investigator. I went to specialty schools for a year learning everything from hand to hand combat instructor, special reaction team, riot control, air-assault and believe me the list goes on. Any way I destroyed my body physically; lower back injury, neck injuries, multiple TBI's from rockets and IED's, my right hand was ripped off and I underwent several surgeries to replace all the tendons, ligaments, muscle, bone and skin, my right shoulder is still destroyed and I need to have surgery to correct 4 issues and this list goes on also. I ended up in divorce this fall, where I was drinking, smoking, taking all kinds of prescribed medications for pain, PTSD, sleep, high blood pressure and again the list goes on. I am a big man 6'3" and December 1st I weighed in at 294 lbs., my optimal being 210, I had constant bloating, tons of bad stress and my guts always hurt, hell my whole body always hurt lol. When I was active we would constantly exercise and before we would do whats called carb-ing up, looking back now I don't think this practice was very healthy. I stumbled across one of your videos, along with the Wim Hof method of breathing exercises and cold emersion. So I talked to my brother about the Keto diet and other stuff and I decided to change myself for the better. I stopped consuming alcohol, I stopped taking all medication even aspirin, I started the Keto diet and I lost 35 lbs in 31 days. I am now 258 and going strong as far as will power is concerned. I start the gym tomorrow and everything will only become more efficient. I have zero bloating after meals, only eat keto diet foods, 2 meals a day in a 5 hour window. But I still have a ways to go, I'm sluggish, I sleep maybe 3 hours intermittently a night (I have severe insomnia), and I still suffer from PTSD-Depression and Anxiety. The thing is now I feel hope, a little excitement and looking toward a healthier life and brighter future. Thanks for your videos! Ed

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