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Here's my story: I am 58 years, an MD, Anesthesiologist. I have a very hectic (16 to 18 hours per day in the operating room) schedule. It was bound to take its toll. A couple of years back (2015), I had put on a lot of weight(198 pounds, 90kg) and it was hampering my lifestyle. I developed palpitations and discovered that my blood pressure had gone up and so had my blood sugar( in the prediabetic range). Though being a mainstream doctor, my natural instincts and gut feeling drove me away from taking any conventional treatment and seek alternatives..that's when i discovered the ketogenic diet and later on, intermittent fasting. I switched over to a low carbohydrate & high fat diet ( from Feb 2015 onwards) and got almost immediate results and I lost quite a lot of weight( from 198 pounds to 170 pounds. From Feb 2017 I added on Intermittent fasting to my regimen. 16:8, then 20:4 and now on 23:1(One meal a day for the last 4 months). The results have been even better. My weight is down to 149 pounds(68 kg). More than that, I feel younger and fitter than I have ever felt in my life, all without any intervention from conventional medicine. I would love to make my lifestyle less hectic and add some exercise to my regime..till then I am determined and happy to continue with this..I was lucky to have the cooperation of my family members and friends. I am spreading the message about low carbohydrate & fasting to as many people as I can..I also delivered a talk at a national level medical conference last week. I believe the present scenario of lifestyle diseases is grim and needs urgent attention.

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