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By: Debi T.

Here is a before and after photo. Jim and I started Keto Jan 15th, 2018, when we started this W.O.E. I had sciatica, planters fasciitis, asthma, arthritis, and I was pre-diabetic. Jim was suffering from acid reflux, psoriasis, bad joint pain, and hypoglycemia. All of our health issues have disappeared! No more medication for us!! No more pain! Yes, we have lost weight, but the way we feel is what has kept us on track with getting our health back! We have had plenty of stalls in this time frame but have pushed thru them all,for continued if sometimes slow weight loss.we both still have more to weight to lose,and we will continue.None of this would have been possible without the help of Dr. Berg and a couple other Dr.s I follow on FB.Thank you for your amazing research and sharing of great information!???????? Keto on

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