Jennifer Rogers

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By: Jennifer Rogers

Hello, You interviewed my husband, Al Rogers. I am the other part of the story. I am 44yo and have lost 80 lbs since April 2016. My Fat Storing Hormone Resistance, pre-diabetes (who's kidding, I was T2D but avoided the doctor), metabolic syndrome, anxiety/depression, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis and migraines are now in remission; all thanks to KETO. I now help my friends, informally. In fact, I recently celebrated by meeting 3 friends in Atlanta for a KETO weekend. We focused in shopping for keto, tried a few recipes they were afraid of and even ventured out for a night on the town and we stayed 100% keto. All total, the 4 of us lost a combined 244 lbs!   Thanks, Jenn Rogers

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