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Becca Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Becca

Hello! My name is Becca and I am a 20 year old female from northern VA :) I just wanted to thank you for all your help and all the knowledge you have given me. I am still not at my ideal weight/health but I have come a very long way and just wanted to share my progress. For some background, I come from a naturally thin, athletic family. I never had health or weight problems until I developed anorexia at age 10. During middle school I had a healthy appetite and I grew to be 5'2" and 85 lbs by the start of high school. When high school started, I trained a lot for track and cross country (in addition to dance 3x a week). Around February 2012 (freshman year) I began restricting my food intake and training harder. By the start of my sophomore year I was barely 60 lbs. By November/December I started binge eating and would try to compensate by running even more (in addition to practice). It put a tremendous amount of stress on my body. I became officially diagnosed in January 2013 and was put on a weight gain plan. By March 2013 I was 90 lbs and was at my peak athletically. My doctor wanted me to get to 104 lbs so I was still on a 3000-3500 calorie meal plan with 30% of my calories coming from fat so I could regain my period. By December 2013 (junior year) I was 100 lbs but still was not getting a period and was still struggling with binge eating. I was prescribed Prozac to treat the binge eating. (My parents and I were VERY hesitant about using drugs). A year later (December 2014) was my senior year and still did not have my period so I was forced to quit running. My binge eating became out of control and I rapidly gained weight the first month of not running and got my period back. I was admitted into a mental hospital in March 2015 to work on regulating my eating. I weighed 113 lbs upon admission and I weighed about 110 lbs upon discharge. By the start of college (August 2015) I had relapsed into my binge eating and was at 115 lbs. By the end of my first semester (December 2015) I was 145 lbs. The start of my second semester (January 2016) was the start of several attempts of losing weight. Around this time I also started weaning off of my Prozac as it offered me no benefits. The Prozac over the years had made me very apathetic and unmotivated in addition the apathy, loss of concentration, fatigue, poor self esteem, etc that came with my weight gain. I was a mess and I was super depressed and withdrawn. I did not feel like myself. I never went out in public unless I had an exam or had to get food. I began reading about health and nutrition and I tried everything from calorie counting to detox teas and even attending OA meetings. It was all very frustrating. I just wanted to be myself again. That summer (June 2016) I tried my first water fast. I lost 35 lbs (145-110) in 20 days and regained 20 lbs back within the first month after my fast. Though my weight has not gone above 130 lbs since. Then I tried HCLF veganism. Within just a month, I was experiencing a whole array of problems including hair loss and other skin problems. I was eating very poorly though. Bananas, bagels, poptarts, and processed vegan meats were the staples of my diet. I completed my second water fast in January 2017 and lost 25 lbs in 22 days. I regained it all over a month and a half and continued the HCLF vegan diet with hopes of it becoming better. My diet only became worse around finals weeks and my hair, skin, and nails were in such poor condition by the end of the semester. I was also still very depressed and withdrawn and did not feel like myself. I drove home from school the beginning of May 2017. Around this time I found your YouTube channel. I was very fascinated and very enlightened by your videos. Everything I ever knew about health/nutrition finally began to click and make sense. All the information you presented made sense for me intuitively and through my own experiences. All of my symptoms began to make sense too. In addition to intermittent fasting, I began adding lots of veggies and some healthy fats. It was not a slow transition. I went straight to eating one meal a day, with zero sugars/carbs except those from veggies. I also use your cruciferous blend and wheat grass juice power. I started this lifestyle only a month ago and I honestly have never FELT better. I feel more and more like myself everyday. I used to be tired all the time, I had very poor concentration, and I was ALWAYS hungry no matter how much I ate. I used to think I was some freak who could eat a million calories. My eating is way more under control and I have lost almost 10 lbs in a month (122 lbs down from 130). This is not an exaggeration! However, I still tend to fall off the wagon on the weekends. I don't do well on the weekends because there is no structure. I end up eating all day and sometimes turn to fruits and other sugars. Nevertheless, I am thrilled with my progress thus far. I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but for once in what feels like forever I feel HOPE. And I know I will continue to see results with this lifestyle. I only wish I had known all this information a lot sooner. Thank you for reading! Note: The before image is me at 145 lbs (top) and 130 lbs (bottom). I know the 145 and 130 don't look much different except that I'm a little tanner at 130 but you can maybe see a difference in my arms and back. I did not have a good recent photo. Sorry that they are all such bad quality. Hope it at least gives you a reference though.

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