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Darrel Oliver David Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Darrel Oliver David

Hello, Im Darrel... When I was 18, I weigh in 55 kg... as I get older I gain weight and fat. When I reach age 25, I weigh in 70 kg... so I have done exercise and diets, and I lose some weight, but as time goes I hit the plateau, at 63 kg. by that time, doing exercise and diets, Im still gaining fat, going 64 kg, 65 kg... so I tried so many things, so many diets, exercise... I even end up being bulimic and anorexic. Then when I turned 28, I discovered Intermittent fasting, this help me to lose weight, I reached 60kg... but as time goes, Im still gaining weight, even in my 16hours fasting... going 61 kg, 62 kg, 63 kg... maybe its because when I eat, I consume a lot of carbs. and now I turned 30, I discovered Dr. Berg videos... doing the Intermittent fasting, combined with the Keto diet... My weight, 63 kg, rocketed to 55 kg in just a few weeks... It felt so good, after many years of doing bad diets... I should have known earlier that Keto is the best diet... I felt like Im back to 18 years old, when I reached back to 55kg. Currently now, Im 57 kg... doing heavy weights... Im going to gain weight by adding muscles... not fats... :D Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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