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By: Duncan Sluijter

Hello, I'm Duncan from the Netherlands. Keto, Ketogains, CICO, Intermittent Fasting. All my life I struggled with my weight. Always counting calories and always saying no to pies and cakes. I still say no to pies and cakes. But so many lovely foods I can eat now. Bacon and eggs, avocado, meats and sugar free Jell-O with Heavy Whipped cream and Erythritol. Keto changed my life. I was in kind of a dark place a few months ago, I lost the fight against my weight, or at least I thought I did. I did Atkins and lost about 5 kilograms / 11 pounds. For months after the initial loss I didn’t lose anything, while eating less than my lean wife and lifting weights. I read a few books on Keto they really helped for the mindset. Keto Clarity, Keto Adapted. Found Reddit Ketogains and later Reddit Keto, YouTube Keto Connect and Dr. Berg. With the Reddit Ketogains calculator I calculated my macros and since that day... a roller-coaster ride. I started to eat more fat. I believe I was too low in fat to really get in Nutritional Ketosis. Or maybe had build up an Fat Storing Hormone resistance. Reading those books and on this Reddit and Ketogains, YouTube and learning about IF, I started intermittent fasting. I do 16/8 on weekdays and sometimes 23/1 in the weekends and Christmas, this works great! I lost weight during Christmas! While doing IF your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production rises by or up to 2000 percent. Among other benefits: Increasing your strength, decreasing your fat. Since that day on 3 November 2017. I lost over 1 kilogram / 2,2 pounds a week. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. This year I went from 118,2 kilograms / 260 pounds to 98,6 kilograms / 217 pounds. In the past two months alone I lost 10,5 kilograms / 23 pounds. I even lift and gain on 20 carbs. Don’t let anyone tell you you need carbs for gains. For anything. As long as you have sufficient protein and sufficient fat stores you don’t need them, you probably don’t need all the fat, but that is where your deficit should be. You only need carbs if you want to push a little bit harder or bench press that 20 pounds extra. But that is a different goal than losing weight and gaining muscle. IF probably does more than carbs. But that is an opinion. I probably would have lost more if I hadn’t gained muscle. But both are a goal. Fitness, weightlifting became a hobby. Three times a week at the gym for 1,5 hours. Socializing with the nice folk there. I also almost stopped drinking. It helps too. I drink about 2-4 alcoholic beverages a month. Sugar free spirits to be exact. Dutch Jenever and Scotch Whisky. A few alcoholic beverages decreases you metabolism by 70 percent, the body burns the alcohol first. If the beverages contains sugar/carbs this goes directly to you fat stores. Weight from 118,2 kilograms / 260 pounds to 98,6 kilograms / 217 pounds. Body fat from 39,8 to 29 percent. Body fat from 47 kilograms / 103,4 pounds to 29 kilograms / 64 pounds. Total fat loss 19 kilograms / 41,8 pounds. Water weight since November 3 from 41% to 46,3% Muscle since November 3 from 33,8% to 36,6% BMI from 36,08 to 29,9 Macros training/lifting 20C150P150F Macros not training 20C150P100F

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