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By: Crystal

Hello, I am a 33 year old single mom who has struggled with weight all my life, and was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes however once I started Keto, I no longer need meds or Fat Storing Hormone, and my numbers are now excellent! I have been doing this for two months and I can easily say now I feel so different so much more happier with who I am with more energy than I could ever imagine..yes I still have a ways to go I’ve only lost 22lbs, not sure on inches but nothing can stop me now this is my new lifestyle and I will never go back to my old ways!!! My daughter is chronically ill and will need a liver transplant one day, I am doing this for her..her mom needs to be strong for her needs to be healthy for her. I am suppose to be around to watch her grow up!!!!!! I am loving keto and doing IF 16:8 has really changed my bad eating habits! Plus I am now in training for a marathon someday ????????!! Thank you Dr Berg for all your helpful videos! Also I couldn’t do this without all the love and support from these support groups! Keto on my keto family ???????????????? We got this!!!!!

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