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By: James

Hello from Melbourne Australia DrBerg. I have followed your videos for a number of years now. You have given me so much knowledge and inspiration that you helped me change my lifestyle forever. I am a father of 4, truck driver who was 126kg last December 2016. 8 months later I am 85kg. Total weight loss thus far, 41kg (90 pounds) with NO exercise!!!! Sitting in my truck day in day out!!! A combination of I ntermittent fasting and ketosis got me there. I do exercise now, but during my weight loss I didn't. Just to see the power of food itself. My journey is a long one, too long for this message lol. But I would like to thank you for your dedication to the cause. One I am truly grateful for. I have helped so many people through your wisdom. Hopefully some day we may chat further. Regards James Paros

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