I am on fastong for 36 days and I lost 10 kg!


By: Loubna

Hello, First of all, I want to thank you for all your amazing and instructive videos. I admit I learned a lot about fasting and metabolism, and became aware of what an Fat Storing Hormone resistance is. I am a Muslim women aged 45 . I am used to fasting during Ramadan and also during some other Sacred days. I gained a lot of wait after two kids pregnancy and went to see many nutritionists I lost but gained weight again and again . After that I was diagnosed with a moderate aortic valve insuffisance and had to take pills, I do fast Ramadan but The problem is when I break the fast we traditionally eat a lot of carbs and sugar in big meals in Morocco. This year, after Ramadan I decided to follow intermittent fasting it has been more than 36 days of fasting and followed low carb diet I lost 10 kilos and now I can eat only one meal a day and I very happy with the results, voilà I wanted to share this with you. Thank you

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