My success so far is 10 kg down in 5 weeks of working at keto eating.


By: Peter Driver

Hello Eric. Thanks for the opportunity. My success so far is 10 kg down in 5 weeks of working at keto eating. My plateau has now been 4 weeks of hovering at 90 to 91.5kgs and no lower. Secondly some serious constipation.. like 7 days. Then I took some Sennakot no move. Then some Castor oil caps, no move..eventually bought Milk of Magnesia and after 11 to 12 days I deposited 5 healthy poops. I am counting carbs to less than 20pday but waiting for some more weight loss. QUESTION..Does having tea or coffee with cows extra thick cream 3 or 4 times a day spike Fat Storing Hormone like a snack. I am ecstatic at losing 10 kgs so quickly. I am 65.. Thanks for your help. Peter

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